Positively Tasty

In January of 2018, I began following a clean eating, timed nutrition plan as part of Beach Body’s 80-Day Obsession program led by Autumn Calabrese.  Rainbow colored portion cups and Shakeology in hand, I began meal planning and food prepping; two things I’d never been very interested in, let alone good at. But, I’ve learned and come to believe over the past six months, that weight loss begins in the kitchen and so, I’ve cooked many, many healthy meals for myself and my family, and blended up a few go-to varieties of Shakeo. Below are some of the most positively tasty recipes I’ve discovered so far!

Substitute in a low-carb or whole wheat pasta to “clean up” this flavorful, delicious recipe from The Recipe Critic. The garlic, red pepper flakes, and sauces really elevate this take-out inspired favorite. For me, flavor is so important. I don’t want to feel like I’m being deprived or eating rabbit food. This recipe is positively tasty and will definitely satisfy a Chinese food craving, without the guilt!

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