Keeping your head strong…

To embark on a health and wellness journey, and to make lasting changes to your lifestyle, requires a strong will. So goes the line “your body won’t go where your mind doesn’t push it”. But what about pushing our minds? With all the demands and stressors of life and the distractions of the digital age,  its so easy for our minds to become overwhelmed and fatigued. It’s in those moments when I find myself less likely to workout and more likely to seek out comfort, whether it be settling in for a movie or video game marathon; or digging into a juicy, cheesy burger both of which are okay occasionally but won’t get you to where you want to be if they become your only strategy to refuel.

I keep my head strong by spending time with people who make me a better person, reading (usually fiction, its a nice escape), checking in with my accountability group, pinning some motivating quotes on Pinterest, visiting the website of a health and wellness or fitness guru who I aspire to be like, listening to an empowering TED talk, or finding a Blog that enthuses me.

Check out some of my favorite food for thought on my Head Strong page.


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