Chasing 200

When I started thinking about writing a blog about my weight loss, health, and wellness journey I thought about naming it “Chasing 200”, as that captures one of my current health/fitness goals, which is to reach 200 pounds. However, I don’t plan on chasing 200 pounds forever, so I decided that title would be short lived, and become obsolete once I “caught 200”.  I also considered the title “Living Below 200”, but since I’m not there yet, I felt that wouldn’t be an honest title. Likewise, reality for me has been nearly 20 years of living at various weights between 200 and 300 pounds. I’ve had a few intensely focused weight loss/fitness endeavors, followed by falling into bad habits and gaining back the weight. The movement of the scale and my clothing sizes fluctuating with the ups and downs of life, so despite my best efforts to make this time different, I’m a bit doubtful that living below 200 pounds will happen, although I’m getting a little closer each week.  So, with that being said, after ruling out those two titles, I began a brainstorm that looked something like this:

From Fit to Fat and Back Again.  (Already being used)

Fit to Fat and Back (Taken)

Positively Mel/Melissa (Do I really want to put my real name out there?)

Finding Mel (I’m not really lost, at least not presently, also too reminiscent of “Where’s Waldo”)

Remaking Melissa…(Remakes are rarely as good as the original)

Positively Authentically Me (Yawn)

Rooted in…? (I like ancestry, family, trees, and I try to stay grounded, humble, and grateful, but also hopeful)

Positively Rooted (I talk a lot about positive self-talk, growth mind-sets, etc)

My brainstorm had turned into a brain drizzle at that point, until I hit upon:  

Positively Stronger! 

Yes! Two inspired words that would allow me to share some of my experiences in life and how they have shaped the person I am today and the person I want to be tomorrow.

It’s time for my workout, a bunch of us BHappyFitness girls are a few weeks into Joel Freeman’s VIP Access to LIIFT 4. so, I have to get-off the blog (and the butt) and get downstairs to my workout space. If you want to read a little more about me and my health and wellness goals, head over to my About page.

I hope you’ll find something helpful or inspiring here that you can use along your journey, whatever that may be.  I look forward to learning about and being inspired by your experiences too, so don’t forget to share with me how you’re living “positively, stronger”!




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